The Scientific Event of the Year: Debate: Darwin vs. God

Today’s special report is dedicated to Richard Dawkins and the archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Richard Dawkins is one of the world’s most known biologists and one of the major supporters of Darwinism. Studying zoology at Oxford, he then moved to teaching at California University. His known books, The Selfish Genes and The Extended Phenotype, have given him the title of Darwin’s Bulldog, due to its fierce defence of Darwin’s ideas.

On the other side, there is the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. He is also worldwide known as one of the most passionate teologists, defender of the Anglican Church, and is the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury. As Dawkins, he studied at Oxford, but theology. He’s done lectures in numerous universities, specially in Cambridge, where he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Divinity, in 1989.

Returning to the news, today, Thursday the 23rd, Oxford University holds one of the most interesting and passionate debate of the year, the eternal debate of Darwin and God, at the Sheldonian Theatre.

In this debate, being the theme the nature of human beings and their origin, the biologist will defend Darwin’s ideas of evolutionism and natural selection, whilst the Archbishop will state the Church’s point of view, debating about creationism and Adam and Eve.

The tickets to this outstanding event, organised by the University Of Oxford Theology Department have already been sold out, being chaired by philosopher Anthony Kenny.

At 16:00 and until 17:30 (London UTC), people without tickets will be able to watch it live at


5 comments on “The Scientific Event of the Year: Debate: Darwin vs. God

  1. I think that’s a slight mischaracterization of the position of the C of E. Anglican (and Rowan Williams has no standing in the Roman Catholic Church) churches are perfectly comfortable with the idea of evolution (even neo-Darwinian evolution). Although that may be the title of the debate, I would be very surprised/disappointed if the Archbishop says anything disparaging about Darwinian evolution (save to say that it was not necessarily random in the sense that random=purposeless). Instead, this will likely be focused more on Dawkins more recent (and quite honestly very disappointing) attacks on all religion. Dawkins wants to say religion is, by its very nature, wicked and evil and should be expunged from the earth. It is this type of invective that is so disappointing coming from Dawkins. He’s a brilliant evolutionary biologist, he’s a terrible philosopher.

    • I’m sorry if any of my religion concepts is not quite precise. I’m not much into religion, but I try to do my best to be as accurate as possible.
      Secondly, in my article, I never said the Archbishop was against Darwin’s ideas, just that he defends the Anglican Church’s ones.
      However, thanks for stating your opinion and will work hard to improve my articles when talking about religion.

      • Well, I can’t really blame you. That’s likely how the debate has been pitched in some circles, and that’s how Dawkins and his ilk (the so-called “New Atheists”) seem to like it: science vs. religion. It’s a cultural myth. There are very few incidents in Western Civilization where science and religion were actually in conflict. And in those rare cases, religion was usually embarrassed and had to apologize. It’s a powerful cultural metaphor, and is embedded deep within our collective psyche, it’s just an inaccurate one.

  2. I’m sorry if my title offended you. I didn’t pretend to offend you or anyone, it was just to make the news more dramatic. I’ll try not to in future articles.
    Thankyou for your contribution.

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