Switching ON the junk

Scientists from all around the world may soon be able to read the genetics version of the book of life, detailing everything from the human genetics and DNA structure.

These exciting news start in 2003, when the American research facility, the National Human Genome Research Institute, created the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE for short) a project to find out all they could about the human DNA sequence.

In 2007, the results of the ENCODE were published, listing pages and pages of all the codes of DNA and finding out that about 98.8% of our DNA doesn’t do anything, adopting the name of junk DNA.

Since then, the research has been increased, and very fascinating details have been discovered. Just recently, they have found out that 19% of our DNA, codes for an RNA, that may work as a switch to turn on and off different genes on different parts of the body. The mechanism is still not clear, as not all of it is understood. For example, biologists have yet to comprehend why most of these switches are spread out over the genome, and not just near the gene they control.

Though this discovery is a milestone in genetics, it’s not the end of the story. It has still much to teach us, and researches have still yet to be made to uncover all the secrets lying in the complex structure of our DNA.





2 comments on “Switching ON the junk

  1. An amazing title for an amazing article! Well done boy.
    PS: The title must have been chosen by somebody with lots of wits.
    Congrats fro yet another fantastic article. xx

    • Thankyou. It is a pleasure for me to write articles to people like you, who can appreciate how much effort is put into this blog.

      P.S. I’m sure you also have the wits to write such great titles. 🙂

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