Out of battery? Go to the bathroom!


Dr. Ieropoulos explaining the concept

It has been an exciting couple of days for the world of technology. Not only has a new material been invented that could revolutionise the making of smartphones and tablets, but the annoying running-out-of-battery problem could’ve been solved, just by using pee.

Yes, you read it right. Scientists in the UK have accomplished charging a phone just by using human urine. How, you may ask? Well, it’s been thanks to microbial cells that when flooded with urine give off electricity. Unfortunately, this charge only lasts long enough to send a text message or a short phone call.

So now you know: if you run out of battery all you need is a full bladder and some microbial cells.

Researchers have made this possible through a project that seeks to recycle waste products into energy. Though the technique used is not completely new (microbial fuel cells (MFC) were discovered 100 years ago), the success and viability of this experiment is.

This method is now being refined and improved so it can be commercialised as soon as possible. So who knows, maybe in a couple of years peeing on your phone will be considered normal.

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