Olympic Games: Space 2014

The Olympic Games have always been about uniting all of the world’s countries in their passion for sport. Well, the committee seems to have taken it one step further and is now not content with only the world, but is trying to include space!

In the mission carried out this Thursday 7th November at 4 a.m., astronauts from the Baikonur Cosmodrome started their voyage to the ISS (International Space Station) where the torch for the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014 will remain fo a few days as a symbol of the world’s ability to work together. By the time you’ve read this article, it will be back in the Earth, ready for the Winter Olympics t start.

The torch that will travel to space is said to be exactly the same as the one that will be used next year in said games, but unfortunately won’t be set on fire due to security restrictions.

The team sent on this spatial mission is a great example of what they are trying to convey, since it consists of Mijaíl Tiurin (Russia), Rick Mastracchio (USA) and Koichi Wakata (Japan), a team made up of countries from all around the world.

All of them have expressed their interests in the Games and have expressed their views that their project is very similar to the Olympics themselves, since both aim at working as hard as you can to reach a goal. It is also a great opportunity to link two very important human achievements that have helped unite the world over the years.

Even though the astronauts will be in space at the time of the Games, they’ll have the necessary equipment in the ISS to be able to watch them perfectly well.


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