If you look old just use bleach

Women (and men) all around the World spend millions of dollars trying to make their skin look younger.

Not only useful on toilets, but on your skin too!

Not only useful on toilets, but on your skin too!

But what if I told them that they could save all that money by just using bleach?

This amazing discovery was made in Stanford University, were a group of mice were bathed in a very diluted solution of bleach. Repeated baths caused them to have a healthier and younger looking skin, which could cure burns faster.

Diluted bleach solutions have been used to treat eczemas (skin irritations) for a long time, but now the full effects of this treatment have been discovered. Eczemas occur when the protein NF-kB and other substances cause an inflammatory response in the body. So this solution works because bleach has a certain chemical called hypochlorite which blocks the response of NK-kB, blocking the response and therefore stopping or preventing the irritation.

But the team at Stanford studied this treatment even more and also discovered that this could be used to treat people undergoing radiotherapy, because the burns caused by radiotherapy could be milder and healed faster if the bleach treatment was used at the same time.

The best part for most of you is, however, that its continuous use has also been proven to crete tougher, younger-looking cells, that can prevent an aged-skin look.

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to this. Completely blocking the body’s inflammatory response is not entirely good, since this process is responsible for fighting infection. There are some other minor problems but there is still hope they can be solved.

It is indeed very curious that something so dangerous to the human skin such as bleach can be so beneficial to it at the same time.


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