Welcome to Science for Scientists!

My name is Daniel Corredera Nadal, I’m 18 years old, and I currently live in Spain. I attend a British school, with my favourite subjects being Science and Maths. I consider myself a nice lad, responsible and smart.

In this blog, I will show any one interested in science, the weekly news of this subject,ย  followed by a small discussion on the topic the news is about. You can always add any of your own ideas to these discussion via comments that I will gladly read. I will sometiems publish special reports on outstanding news or events, or even debates.

Hope you like it!

Daniel C.N.

17 comments on “About

      • Hi Daniel: Your work is very impressive and I hope you contimnue to make scientific contributions to the world at large.

        I will look for your next post.

        In addition to being a Aerospace Engineer, I am also a concert pianist and I wanted you to have a copy of my music album that is currently being played world wide on the international radio network.

    • You’re welcome. I found it really interesting and i think you wrote it very well. If you like this kind of posts, you should follow my blog scienceforscientists.wordpress.com , which i found very similar to yours.

  1. Daniel,
    Thanks for following my site, http://www.ReadingScientist.com. I appreciate you taking a look. If you are interested I also have links to my facebook and twitter accounts there as well. I have had so much fun looking over your site and hope we continue to run into each other…

    • I am glad you liked my blog, because i really enjoyed reading yours. I loved your blog, pretty much because my blog, scienceforscientists.wordpress.com is very similar. I also believe we should work together sometime. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I would like that. I have sent your info out to my followers and I hope they let you know I sent them.

  2. Hi Daniel – Thanks for dropping by and liking the Beagle Project. I enjoyed your site, too, and look forward to what you have to post in the future.

  3. Daniel,
    What an exciting project you’ve embarked upon. The world needs plenty of young, rational, clear-thinking people like you to spread the word about science. I’m sure your blog will have a big impact.

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