Noble Prize in Fun

The Ig Nobel Prizes (an American parody to the Nobel Prizes) are given every year to the most curious, different and even crazy scientific discoveries.

Awarded in Harvard, they were made to show the funny side of science, and to get more people interested in technology, mathematics, and science in general.

This year, the prizes were granted to:

  • Physics: To the creators of ‘The Ponytail Shape Equation’ for calculating the forces that make the ponytail’s shape.
  • Medicine: To the French scientists who advised doctors how to perform a colonoscopy minimizing the chances the patient will explode.
  • Literature: To the US Government General Accountability Office for giving out a report about a report that explains the preparation of a report about the report of a report about reports.
  • Neuroscience: To the brain researchers who detected brain activity in a dead salmon; but ended up being a technical error.
  • Acoustics: To the creators of the SpeechJammer, a machine that repeats the words you say only slightly delayed to confuse the speaker.
  • Chemistry: To the scientists who figured out why people’s hair in a certain Swedish town had turned green.
  • Fluid Dynamic: The researchers that studied how coffee spills when a person walks while carrying a cup of coffee.
  • Anatomy: The scientists who discovered chimpanzee can recognise each other by a photograph of their backside.

Last of all, my sincere congratulations to the winners, and the committee, for making these hilarious prizes take place, and helping society take interest in science.